IMCE Download



IMCE Download module provides a Download button that allows users to download the selected files listed in IMCE interface.
Multiple files are downloaded in a zip archive.

Have you considered Drupella File Manager as a replacement for IMCE?

Compatible with

Drupal 7.x


  • IMCE
  • For multiple file downloads PHP Zip library must be enabled.


  • Use download button to download selected file
  • Select multiple files and download as an archive in a zip file
  • Set download permission per directory
  • Limit the number of files downloaded at once


  1. Copy imcedl directory to your modules(sites/all/modules) directory
  2. Enable the module at: /admin/modules
  3. Go to admin/config/media/imce and edit IMCE profiles
  4. Set Download limit to restrict the max number of files in an archive
  5. Set Download permissions for directories
  6. Test it at /imce or user/X/imce


  1. All files inside "library" folder of this package are licensed under DRUPELLA Proprietary Use License.
  2. All other files are licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL).