Picabulary 7 (Word drawing game for Drupal 7)



Picabulary is a multiplayer word sketching and guessing game for Drupal.

Providing them a joyful time with friends, this addictive social game will make your visitors spend more time on your site.


  • HTML5 Canvas drawing with brush visuals and various tools
  • Comes with a general word-list including 1500 English words
  • Ability to select and play custom word-lists
  • Admin UI allows to create/edit/import/export custom word-lists
  • Keeps an active games list in database to allow new users join
  • Provides Drupal permissions to play or host a game
  • Ability to create hidden or password-protected rooms
  • Owner-Admin-User hierarchy in rooms
  • Useful room operations: Ban/Kick/Freeze/Lock/GiveAdminRights
  • Makes use of peer assisted networking using WebRTC
  • No need for a dedicated game server
  • Drupal is used for managing active games list
  • Can also be used as a chat room or a collaborative drawing application
  • Optimized javascript code is free of memory-leaks and provides very fast DOM rendering.
  • Small footprint with overall 90kb javascript. (30kb gzipped)
  • Full mobile support including Android and iPhone
  • Responsive game UI that adapts to different resolutions


See the live demo

In order to experience a multiplayer game by yourself:
1. Create a room in one browser tab
2. Join this room in another browser tab by using the room URL in the address bar


  • Compatible with Drupal 7
  • Requires a modern browser like Firefox, Chrome, Opera with WebRTC support.


  1. Copy the picabulary module folder to sites/all/modules
  2. Enable the module in Drupal admin interface
  3. Configure at /admin/games/picabulary/settings
  4. Enable "play Picabulary" and "host Picabulary" permissions for your users at /admin/people/permissions
  5. Users can now access the game at /picabulary path. A user must create a room and host the game for others to join.
  6. You can optionally add new word-lists or manage existing ones at /admin/games/picabulary


  1. All files inside "library" folder of this package are licensed under DRUPELLA Proprietary Use License.
  2. All other files are licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL).